Life Coaching

I offer 4 life coaching Commitment Programs. Each is designed to guide you in the direction of your life's purpose, to help you discover your inner-knowingness, to connect with your intrinsic strength and motivation to become the person you've always known you could be. To begin, we will start with a complimentary coaching session where I will answer any questions you may have about life coaching, we can talk about your goals, your road blocks, where we will go together, and select the best Commitment for you.
Commitment #1
Back to Basics

6 weeks of awareness training for a better YOU.

This session will help you become aware of what’s keeping you from YOU.

We will look at self-talk and beliefs that do not serve your best life. In these sessions I will also help you find your natural connection to your energetic spirit or higher power self..

Commitment #2
My Must Haves

This is 6 weeks of diving into your true values. We will do this by looking at what you love to do and what your natural talents and abilities are. You will discover and implement a value system that works for your greater good to create the life you desire.

Commitment #3

This course is designed for clients who have had previous coaching or are generally happy with their life path, but could use some momentum or reworking of old belief systems.  In this coaching we will look at what is working and what is not. You will implement your own strategies based on past successes. 

Tell it Like it Isn't
Commitment #4

If you are  up for a real challenge then this course is for you! I will help you redesign your life through the art of journaling and telling a new story. You will discover the power of creating your own new reality through imaginative and creative writing.  This course is done via mail. 

A Life Coach will help you figure things out, but they won't tell you what to do. A life coach will get on a call with you and ask you what you want from the call because once you start realizing you can call the shots, you will feel empowered. A coaching call brings up what is working in your life OR what has worked in your life in the past when things have felt rough and you came out of it successfully. A life coach has you look at how you talk to yourself because your self-talk is what your subconscious mind brings you more of, good or bad.  


At Reel Life Coaching we make sure you have a direct connection with your Higher Power/God/ Universal Mind, and support you in creating a daily practice around this connect.

All sessions except for commitment #4 are done via phone, or internationally using Whatsapp or FB messenger, giving us the freedom connect wherever you are, whenever you have time.