The Small Moments...

Making caramels for friends and family at Christmas.


Curling up in front a the fire with a good book on a cold, winter day.

Knowing in my knower that all is well.

Perfecting a song on my 

My cat.



My healthy mind, body and soul

Waking up everyday knowing I get to create what I want to experience.


My sons, my lovely family and friends. This global community that I add my unique strengths and positive energy to.  

Traveling around the world easily and effortlessly


My Coaching Practice...being in service to others and sharing my gifts with the world

Technology...the internet...feeling so connected to everyone, everywhere

My Joy...

Hiking, practicing yoga, swimming, dancing

Making new friends 

Recording fun things when I get the nudge


Getting my hands dirty; creating beauty with plants and flowers

Journaling...A Guide to the Life You Want...

I believe strongly in the power of journaling. Recently I uncovered one of my favorites. It was wonderful to reread an entry and reflect on where life flowed to next. Since reading the  journal entry...I had an amazing 3 month sabbatical to Provence, France. I have strengthened my earning potential as an Entrepreneur. I have coached people from 3 different Continents. Yoga and swimming have kept me healthy and energized.  The ‘Nanny in Japan’ experience became Camp Auntie AJ in Oregon...they came to me. I share a weekly Miracles and Gratitudes blog that inspire people to connect with their own Miracles and Gratitudes.


 I have never been happier, healthier, or more financially abundant.  Best of all I have a strong sense of self and self-confidence. I don't think about the time it's taken me to make the better choices and step into the changes. Most of all, I have curbed my habit of stressing. Instead, I do whatever it takes to stay present.  I have learned the beauty and the value in taking life one moment at a time. 

Let me help you get into your soul's favorite way of BEING. Let's look at the way you set yourself up to discover your next amazing life experience. Financial Freedom, Healthy Body, Mind and Soul are all waiting for you to choose yourself over everything and everyone. It's your best life now, with so much happiness waiting to be intentionally created as your moments give you the most loving support you've ever known. We can do this!!