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Audrey Reel

Life Coach

At Reel Life Coaching together we will focus on your financial abundance as well as  health and wellness. We will support you in strengthening all of your relationships while creating space for joy and personal fulfillment. We always focus on your best life.


 You will begin to learn various processes such as guiding your self-talk and identifying gratitude in every moment. You will come to find new, supportive perspectives in any challenging situation.


Reel Life Coaching will always make you feel supported in whatever stage of life you are.  Start living your best life now as your best self. 



I am  your co-creative partner and strategic visions guide.

I am so happy to be here now to help you create the life you desire by overcoming the challenges that stand in your way. Congratulations for making yourself, your top priority. The most important thing I can help you with this very moment is to face those things that are blocking your health, your prosperity and your amazing relationships so that you can start to make some changes.  I'll guide you by being your co-creative coach and supporting you with every success you've ever had and will have. Having support will make all the difference. 


At reelcoaching I encourage and challenge you to lean into your perfect self, your healthy and abundant self.  I'll be here with you along your unique path as you reach your highest potential for your greater good. Wouldn't you like to go a little bit farther, do things a little differently and start making conscious choices toward amazing health, financial abundance, incredible experiences, and loving connections? You are here to live your life with feelings of happiness, gratitude, fulfillment, purpose, joy, peace and love. 

I guide people to create the life they envision for themselves.  They are creating more joy in their current careers,  finding old or brand new talents, taking risks, living their dreams, and creating ways to reduce stress as they transform their lives.

Through positive reframing, supportive self-talk,  meditation, prayer or any other positive ways to support yourself, you will feel your own unique power to live life with success, clarity, and purpose. What will you do today, right now, to make that one change, take that one small step which brings you closer to what you want to be, do or have? 


I am a champion for your best life.

    Every moment is your friend when you have the intention to make each moment your best moment. Reel Life Coaching understands that sometimes we all need help in settling into the moment with a breath, a feeling of gratitude, or thinking about something that makes us smile. Reel life Coaching is real life inspiration that can support your great moments and transformation.

Change is in the air...

Life Coaching

Getting started...

Get started with complimentary coffee coaching session at your cafe of choice in the beautiful Portland area. Or, if you are not local to Portland, let's set up a coaching phone call. During this session I will answer any questions you may have about life coaching, we can talk about your goals, your road blocks, and where we will go together. Click here to connect

Real People...Reel Change

Since meeting and working with Audrey my life has changed in ways I could never have imagined. To begin, I was able to find joy in my current job...nothing had changed (no more money or time off, no accolades, no new coworkers), but I changed...Audrey taught me how to reframe my thoughts and focus on the positive. I went from an unhappy colleague to the annoying one beaming with joy and gratitude, rising above the fray. With this new frame of mind I began taking steps to make the changes in my life I had longed for. I found trust in the universe and learned how to listen to my inner-voice. Today I have a growing new career, am moving across the country to follow my dreams, and am the mother I have wanted so badly to be for my daughter. When I hit a bump in the road or arrive at indecision pass, I call on Audrey to help me find my truth. 

~ Hannah, Portland, OR

Thank YOU AJ! I was thinking this morning about what a huge impact you and your coaching have had on my life. It is possible to say that you have saved my life in many ways.

~ Brandy - Florida

I've been keeping up with you via email...so inspiring, I love it...you influenced me in so many positive ways truly recapturing the joy in life it’s so meaningful... 

~ Amy - Portland

I've been doing coaching with AJ for several years. She is intuitive, always positive, helps me stay proactive and focused on my goals, and most importantly, lives what she teaches. Her help has been invaluable.

~ Nancy F., Portland, OR